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Viettel Makes a Splash at Mobile World Congress 2024 with Innovative 5G Chipset and AI Human

Vietnamese Tech Giant Showcases Cutting-Edge Products at World’s Largest Connectivity Event

BARCELONA, Spain (AI Reporter/News): At the recently concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024) held in Barcelona, Viettel Group, a leading Vietnamese technology company, made a significant mark by unveiling two groundbreaking products: a 5G chipset and Vi An, an AI Human. These innovations highlight Viettel’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and contributing to a smarter, more sustainable future.

More Than Just a Showcase: A Diverse Technological Ecosystem

Viettel’s presence at MWC wasn’t limited to just these two products. As the sole Vietnamese technology representative at the event, they showcased a total of 17 products encompassing their comprehensive technological ecosystem.

Aligned with the event’s theme of “Future First,” Viettel’s offerings were categorized into four distinct areas: network infrastructure, cloud computing infrastructure, digital platforms, and future technologies. This diverse portfolio demonstrates Viettel’s commitment to providing a holistic solution for the evolving technological needs of individuals and businesses alike.

We are ready to strategically collaborate with global technology corporations and transfer technology to partners to jointly create the best quality products to serve customers.

Nguyen Dinh Chien, Deputy CEO, Viettel

Breaking New Ground: Viettel’s 5G Chipset

One of the major highlights of Viettel’s showcase was their indigenously developed 5G DFE chip. This remarkable feat of engineering boasts a processing capability of 1 trillion operations per second, placing it on par with the top 10 semiconductor companies globally and firmly meeting the 3GPP’s standards for 5G technology.

Additionally, Viettel presented an automated network optimization system that not only enhances operational efficiency and reduces energy consumption but also seamlessly tackles issues across both 5G and 4G networks. This system is currently undergoing extensive deployment and optimization not just in Vietnam but also in 10 other countries where Viettel has a presence.

Humanizing Technology: Vi An, the AI Human

Viettel’s innovation extends beyond the realm of hardware. They also unveiled Vi An, the first-ever AI Human developed in Vietnam. Vi An represents a novel approach to human-computer interaction, offering a natural and engaging experience for users.

This innovative technology showcases Viettel’s dedication to humanizing technology and developing solutions that seamlessly integrate into our lives.

Viettel Logo
Viettel Logo

Beyond Cutting-Edge: Shaping the Future

While the 5G chipset and Vi An stole the spotlight, Viettel’s showcase offered a glimpse into the future of technology with products like the Digital Twin. This innovative technology leverages AI, IoT, and remote sensing data to create virtual spaces, paving the way for optimized urban operations and smarter cities.

Collaboration is Key: Viettel Seeks Strategic Partnerships

Viettel emphasizes its commitment to global collaboration. “We are ready to strategically collaborate with global technology corporations and transfer technology to partners to jointly create the best quality products to serve customers,” stated Nguyen Dinh Chien, Deputy CEO of Viettel and the head of their MWC booth. This collaborative approach highlights Viettel’s vision for fostering a global technological ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.