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Cognition Labs, Makers of Devin, the First AI Software Engineer, Secures $21 Million in Funding

NEW YORK (AI Report/News): Cognition AI based in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area who are pioneering applied AI research with a focus on reasoning, and has secured a substantial $21 million in Series A funding to accelerate the development of Devin, the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer.

This investment marks a significant milestone in the field of artificial intelligence, with the potential to fundamentally change how software is built.

Cognition’s focus – applied AI research with a focus on reasoning, aiming to create AI teammates that go beyond code.

Revolutionizing Software Development with AI

Cognition is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI by honing its reasoning capabilities. Their vision, as makers of Devin, extends far beyond just code. They aim to create AI teammates that surpass existing tools, unlocking possibilities across diverse fields. From streamlining code development to tackling complex tasks, Cognition aspires to empower individuals to materialize their ideas.

We are well funded, including a $21 million Series A led by Founders Fund. And we’re grateful for the support of industry leaders including Patrick and John Collison, Elad Gil, Sarah Guo, Chris Re, Eric Glyman, Karim Atiyeh, Erik Bernhardsson, Tony Xu, Fred Ehrsam and so many more.

Scott Wu, A Human Software Engineer, the CEO of Cognition Labs
Scott Wu is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cognition AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup based in Silicon Valley.
Scott Wu

The team at Cognition is a force to be reckoned with, boasting exceptional talent. The founding members hold an impressive ten IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) gold medals and possess experience working on cutting-edge AI projects at renowned companies like Google DeepMind, Waymo, and Nuro.

The creation of Devin represents just the beginning of their journey, with even greater challenges and innovations waiting to be explored, the company said.

We want to help people around the world turn their ideas into reality.

Cognition AI
Logo of Cognition Labs
Logo of Cognition Labs

Introducing Devin: The Groundbreaking AI Software Engineer

Cognition Labs unveiled Devin, a groundbreaking AI software engineer capable of both independent and collaborative work on March 12, 2024.

With Devin’s assistance, engineers can dedicate their time to more stimulating problems, allowing teams to pursue more ambitious goals.

This tireless teammate can seamlessly integrate with human developers on projects or autonomously complete tasks for review.


Unveiling Devin’s Capabilities

Cognition’s breakthroughs in long-term reasoning and planning empower Devin to meticulously plan and execute intricate engineering tasks that necessitate countless decisions. This AI engineer can retain relevant information throughout the process, continuously learn and adapt, and even rectify mistakes.

To function effectively, Devin is equipped with the standard developer toolkit – a shell, code editor, and browser – all secured within a safe computational environment, mirroring a human developer’s workspace.

Furthermore, Cognition has instilled in Devin the ability to actively collaborate with its human partner. Devin provides real-time progress updates, welcomes feedback, and works alongside developers through design choices as needed.

This significant funding for Cognition signifies a giant leap forward in the evolution of AI. With Devin’s capabilities, software development is poised for a major transformation, paving the way for a future where humans and AI can work together to achieve remarkable feats.

Capabilities of Devin

  • Advanced planning and execution: Handles complex tasks with numerous decisions.
  • Continuous learning: Retains information, adapts, and corrects mistakes.
  • Developer toolkit: Equipped with a shell, code editor, and browser in a secure environment.
  • Active collaboration: Provides real-time updates, welcomes feedback, and works alongside developers.

This funding signifies a major leap in AI, paving the way for human-AI collaboration in software development.