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Cognition AI: Excellently Pioneering AI with Reasoning at its Core

Cognition AI is a dedicated lab specializing in enhancing the reasoning abilities of artificial intelligence.

Cognition AI (Cognition Labs) is a tech startup. It was founded in 2023 by Scott Wu (CEO). Cognition Labs is based in the US. The applied AI lab specializes in reasoning capabilities.

Company: Cognition AI or Cognition Labs

Category: Tech Startup

Country: US

Year of Establishment: 2023.

In November 2023, Scott Wu, alongside his esteemed co-founders Steven Hao, the CTO, and Walden Yan, the Chief Product Officer, successfully launched Cognition Labs.

CEO: Scott Wu, A Human Software Engineer


Product: Devin – recognized as an AI Software Engineer launched on March 12, 2024. It is an autonomous agent that solves engineering tasks through the use of its shell, code editor, and web browser.

Cognition AI: Building the Future

Cognition is not just creating tools; it is crafting AI teammates that surpass existing solutions. It has the goal to unlock possibilities across various fields, from software development to scientific research.

Well-funded and Backed by Leaders

Cognition has received $21 million Series A funding, led by Founders Fund. The mega funding is a testament to their innovative approach. Industry leaders like Patrick Collison (CEO, Stripe) and Fred Ehrsam (Co-founder, Coinbase) also support their vision.

Elite Team, Big Dreams

Despite a small team size, their talent pool is impressive. The founding team boasts 10 IOI gold medals, and members hail from top AI companies like Google DeepMind and Waymo.

Devin - The World's First Fully Autonomous AI Software Engineer
Devin – AI Software Engineer

Devin: The First AI Software Engineer

Their groundbreaking creation is Devin. Devin is recognized as the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer. The innovation can work independently or collaborate with human engineers. It is capable of tackling complex tasks and freeing them for more strategic problem-solving.

Reasoning Makes the Difference

Cognition AI’s advancements in reasoning empower Devin. It can not only plan and execute intricate projects but also learn and adapt over time, ensuring continuous improvement and error correction.

Members of the Cognition AI team in New York. Photographer: Levi Model for Bloomberg Businessweek
Members of the Cognition AI team in New York. Photographer: Levi Model for Bloomberg Businessweek

A Familiar Workspace

For smooth operation, Devin utilizes a secure environment with standard developer tools – a shell, code editor, and browser.

Collaboration is Key

Devin isn’t designed to work in isolation. It actively collaborates with its human partner, providing progress updates, welcoming feedback, and working together on design choices.

The Journey Continues

Building Devin is just the beginning. Cognition AI is determined to push the boundaries of AI reasoning, paving the way for exciting advancements in various fields.

Join the Revolution

If you share their passion for tackling complex problems and building future-proof AI, visit their “Join Us” section to learn more about their team and potential opportunities.