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16.2 Million Indians Need Upskilling for AI, Automation: New Research

AI and automation will transform many jobs, enabling non-technical workers to shift to specialized, higher-quality roles.

NEW DELHI, India (AI Reporter/News): India’s job market is set for a major transformation driven by Artificial intelligence – AI and automation, according to a new study by ServiceNow and Pearson. The research predicts that 16.2 million workers will need to reskill or upskill to meet the changing demands of the digital age. The study came in November 2023.

Millions of New Tech Jobs Emerge, But Upskilling Crucial

While Artificial intelligence and automation will displace some jobs, they will also create 4.7 million new tech positions in India.

The study identifies high demand for Application Developers, Data Analysts, Platform Owners, Product Owners, and Implementation Engineers. To bridge the skill gap, the research recommends focusing on digital skilling initiatives like ServiceNow’s “RiseUp” program.

AI Impact Varies Across Industries

Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Retail are expected to see the most significant disruptions, with up to 23% of the workforce requiring skill augmentation.

However, Artificial intelligence can also unlock opportunities for workers in non-technical roles. For example, deep sea fishery workers possess skills applicable to helpdesk support roles using the ServiceNow platform.

As India’s tech revolution gains momentum, businesses are vigorously pursuing the economic benefits and inclusive growth opportunities presented by Artificial intelligence, the report said.

Kamolika Gupta Peres VP & MD ServiceNow Indian Sub‑Continen at AI Reporter - Worlds' Largest News Media

Multiplier Effect: AI Creates High-Value Jobs

By 2027, the burgeoning influence of Artificial intelligence and automation is set to transform the workforce, necessitating 4.6 million workers to enhance their skills to keep pace with technological advancements. Traditional tech roles, such as Computer Programmers, face evolution due to the advent of generative AI capabilities, such as text-to-code functions.

ServiceNow research suggests these roles can transition into specialized positions like Flow Automation Engineers, Product Owners, Implementation Engineers, and Master Architects within the ServiceNow ecosystem.

India’s leading tech hubs—Karnataka (331,200), Tamil Nadu (323,700), and Telangana (171,300), known for their vast pools of computer programmers, stand to secure a considerable competitive edge through this skill evolution.

AI and automation are expected to necessitate upskilling for 4.6 million workers by 2027. Even traditional tech roles like programmers can evolve into Flow Automation Engineers or Master Architects.

This shift highlights Artificial intelligence’s potential to boost productivity and create high-value jobs.

Embracing AI for Transformative Growth in India

Kamolika Gupta Peres, Vice President & Managing Director at ServiceNow Indian Sub‑Continent, encapsulates the nation’s forward momentum: “India’s decision‑makers and industry stalwarts understand the potential of Artificial intelligence. We’re working with every industry across the country to showcase best practice use of Artificial intelligence to drive meaningful business change and ensure these changes bring about meaningful, quality, and secure careers for people while also enhancing productivity.”

“The pace of progress has never been swifter, with businesses driving large‑scale transformation across diverse industry sectors that will play a decisive role in India’s rise towards a $1 trillion digital economy,” added Gupta Peres.

Government, Industry Partnership Key for Future-Ready Workforce

India’s “Skill India Digital” campaign and ServiceNow’s initiatives aim to prepare the workforce for the digital future. The study emphasizes the need for strong digital foundations and accessible skilling programs to unlock the full potential of Artificial intelligence and automation for India’s growth and GDP. According to a recent Nasscom study, Artificial intelligence and automation have the potential to add up to $500 billion to India’s GDP by 2025.

Boost in India’s Digital Skill Ecosystem Predicted by 2027

The research forecasted a significant expansion in India’s digital skill ecosystem to bridge the technology gap. By 2027, the demand for skilled professionals is expected to surge, necessitating an additional 75,000 Application Developers, 70,000 Data Analysts, 65,000 Platform Owners, 65,000 Product Owners, and 55,000 Implementation Engineers. This growth is indicative of India’s proactive approach to meeting the evolving demands of the tech industry.

ServiceNow Offers Free Training, Job Opportunities

ServiceNow provides over 600 free training courses and 18 job-related certification paths. Additionally, the company partners with academic institutions and enterprises to offer on-the-job training and career opportunities.

By focusing on upskilling and leveraging the positive impact of Artificial intelligence, India can create a future-ready workforce and unlock the full potential of the digital economy.