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U.S. Bans AI Voice Robocalls After Election Scam

U.S. imposes a nationwide ban on AI voice robocalls to tackle the rising threat of scams and misinformation campaigns, following an election-related incident.

NEW YORK (AI REPORTER): In response to the escalating issue of voice cloning scams, the United States has introduced a prohibition on robocalls powered by artificial intelligence. This decision was motivated by an incident involving a deceptive robocall that mimicked President Joe Biden, aiming to discourage voters in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary from supporting him.

The ban addresses the growing concern over AI-generated robocalls, which have been implicated in numerous scams affecting thousands of Americans.

With technological advancements, creating and disseminating misleading audio and visual content has become increasingly accessible, posing significant challenges in authenticity verification.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) highlighted the misuse of AI-generated voices for malicious purposes, including extorting families, impersonating public figures, and spreading misinformation among voters.

The FCC’s statement emphasized the danger of “voice cloning” technology, which can deceive individuals into believing they are communicating with a trusted contact, prompting them to act against their best interest.

Following the controversial robocall impersonating President Biden, authorities have initiated a criminal investigation and issued a cease-and-desist order to the responsible company.

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks expressed concern over the use of generative AI in undermining electoral integrity and the increased risk of voter suppression tactics.

The FCC’s new regulation, effective immediately, empowers the agency to penalize entities utilizing AI-generated voices in robocalls and to take action against the service providers facilitating these calls.

(AI Reporter)