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upGrad Harnesses AI to Translate Certs & Bootcamps into Vernacular Languages

upGrad Harnesses AI to translate Certs & Bootcamps into vernacular languages

The skilling major deploys and leverages AI to enhance its offerings and leverage local dialects / human interventions for stronger career results.

BENGALURU (AI Reporter/News): upGrad, one of Asia’s largest integrated learning skilling and workforce development majors intends to enhance its product diaspora by translating popular Bootcamps & Certs into vernacular languages using AI for freshers and working professionals.

Presently over 40% of upGrad’s learner base in India is from Tier 2 cities and beyond where regional languages are more prevalent compared to English.

Asheesh Sharma – President, Certifications and Bootcamps, upGrad

Recognizing this opportunity to improve the communication and the learning experience, the skilling major has identified Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Bengali languages in phase 1 to ensure the brand penetrates deeper across every eligible household in the region.

The company aims to combine pedagogy with strong human interventions in the form of counselors and buddies who can speak local languages further making it accessible and convenient for learners coming out of the vast national diaspora.

upGrad’s Course Expansion and Impact

Focusing on regional insights and demand, the catalog will include courses in Engineering, Data Science, AI, Cloud Computing, DevOps, UI/UX, and Agile Project Management where upGrad has a strong foothold already, while Phase 2 will target Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Product Management, Business Analyst, and ITIL, with foreign languages like Spanish and Chinese.

Over 5 lakh learners have been enrolled in the past with the most demand coming out of Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Odisha, Pune, Chennai, and Kolkata among others., the company said.

Utilizing an in-house tech tool, counselors will address inquiries related to one’s education, background, interests, and career aspirations to ensure effective guidance and decision-making. Aligned with GOI’s ambition of fostering cultural connection and cognitive development amongst India’s youth, this approach aims to bridge the gap between accurately selecting the right program/domain and achieving one’s desired career goals. 

upGrad Harnesses AI to translate Certs & Bootcamps into vernacular languages

Here’s a condensed table summarizing the initiative:

Phase 1 CoursesEngineering, Data Science, AI, Cloud Computing, DevOps, UI/UX, Agile Project Management
Phase 2 ExpansionCybersecurity, Blockchain, Product Management, Business Analyst, ITIL, Spanish, Chinese
Learner BaseOver 5 lakh, notably from Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Odisha, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata
Counseling ToolIn-house tech for personalized guidance based on education, interests, career goals
ObjectiveBridge the gap between program selection and career achievement, aligned with GOI’s goals


Redefining Online Learning to Boost Graduate Employability

“Most scepticism today is fed inorganically and needs a stronger course correction. Online is an incredible tool that has come a long way from being a VC tool vs. an interactive and immersive format that’s hands-on and accessible at any given point. Considering that only 7 to 8% of graduates in India are deemed employable, our objective is to substantially elevate this figure by providing millions with some initial support or springboard to get closer to their career aspirations,” said Sharma while talking about the business objective. 

The company invests significantly in AI-related developments internally and the onset of FY25 marks an important growth and transformative year for the brand. “We’ve already deployed AI across our operations much before it became the buzzword for building on to learner engagements, we are now taking it a notch higher by harnessing its impact into our curriculum and teaching. There’s wider acceptance and a sense of openness amongst professionals of all age groups,” he added. 

The company may also extend these services to its Enterprise arm soon to further personalize corporate training sessions making them accessible to all strata. India being the HQ, the brand has witnessed 100% YoY growth in overall enrolments and further claims to double down its annual active learners in the next 1 year.


Skilling Innovation

Strategic ComponentDetails
Language ExpansionOffered in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali in Phase 1; Spanish and Chinese in Phase 2 for wider reach.
Human InterventionsPersonalized support from counselors and buddies fluent in local languages.
Course Catalog ExpansionFocus on Engineering, Data Science, AI initially; expanding to Cybersecurity, Blockchain, etc., in Phase 2.
Learner EngagementOver 5 lakh learners from major cities, showing significant interest and demand.
Counseling ApproachIn-house tech tool for personalized guidance based on individual backgrounds and goals.
Business ObjectiveImprove employability of Indian graduates using immersive online learning platforms.
AI IntegrationInvestments in AI to enhance curriculum and learner engagement.
Future GrowthPlans to extend to enterprise clients and double annual active learners within a year.