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India and Nvidia Team Up to Build “Sovereign AI” with Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI)

Nvidia Seeks Partnership to Build AI Independence

NEW DELHI, India (AI Reporter/News): Nvidia, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, is exploring potential partnerships with the Indian government to develop “sovereign AI” using the country’s digital public infrastructure (DPI). This move aligns with Nvidia’s vision for countries to have ownership over their AI development and data.

What is Sovereign AI?

Sovereign AI, as defined by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, represents a nation’s control over its AI data and the resulting intelligence generated from it. This concept emphasizes self-reliance and independence in the development and application of AI technology.

What’s happening today in India is extremely exciting. New infrastructure is being built. A huge startup ecosystem is well underway and the DPI has now reached critical mass. Many new applications can be built on DPIs.

Shankar Trivedi, Senior Vice President, Nvidia, After the meeting with Chandrasekhar on February 26

Rajeev Chandrasekhar
Rajeev Chandrasekhar

DPI as the Foundation for Sovereign AI

During a recent meeting with Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Nvidia’s senior vice president, Shankar Trivedi, highlighted the potential of India’s Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) to serve as the bedrock for building sovereign AI. He believes that the well-developed DPI, combined with robust infrastructure, can provide the necessary platform to run generative AI models, a crucial component of sovereign AI.

From Nvidia’s perspective, what is really interesting is the growth and pervasiveness of sovereign AI. The DPI can be used as a basis for building sovereign AI, together with very strong infrastructure, to run these generative AI models, which can be built on DPI.

Shankar Trivedi, Senior Vice President, Nvidia

Shankar Trivedi, Senior Vice President, Nvidia

Collaboration Opportunities

Trivedi expressed his excitement about collaborating with the Indian government, startups, and large corporations to leverage the potential of DPI for sovereign AI development. This collaboration could pave the way for numerous new applications and advancements in the field of AI.

Building on Existing Foundations

This development comes on the heels of Nvidia’s partnership announcement with Indian companies in January 2024 to establish AI data center facilities in India. Additionally, in September 2023, Nvidia and Reliance Industries collaborated to develop a large language model tailored for India, further solidifying Nvidia’s commitment to the Indian AI landscape.

I find this very exciting. And it is a huge opportunity for Nvidia to partner with the government and all of the startup, large corporate ecosystem,” he added. However, the official Digital India account on X, formerly Twitter, described the discussion between the two on “potential areas of partnerships.

Shankar Trivedi, Senior Vice President, Nvidia

Looking Ahead

The potential partnership between Nvidia and the Indian government holds significant promise for the future of AI development in India. By leveraging DPI and fostering collaboration, this initiative could empower India to achieve self-sufficiency in the domain of AI and unlock new possibilities for innovation and progress.